About Cruisin' Oz

About Cruisin' Oz

The Cruisin' Oz Story - Why Travel Guides?

You know, there’s no doubt that as true-blue Aussies we’re proud characters. The diverseness of the country and the people who live here, well that combination makes it a place like no other! And it’s not just us Aussies who love it here, there are many travellers from around the world who reckon it’s a great place to visit.

"The problem we found though when we started outback travelling was the lack of information about what we were seeing."

In more recent times there’s been a whole new generation of travellers who want to get away from traditional holiday destinations and take a trip to check out the more remote and forgotten places of this remarkable country. The problem we discovered though, when we started outback travelling, was the lack of information about what we were seeing.

It seems that when teaching our outback colonial history, the story most taught is the fiasco of the Burke and Wills expedition. Yep, an absolute tragedy, and one that should never have happened, but the greater misfortune is that as kids we weren’t taught about our real Aussie heroes, those ordinary men and women who dared to have a crack at something new and take on the outback.

That’s where our Cruisin’ Oz team comes in, to fill in some of the gaps. Like you, we’re travellers who love to trek around this amazing country, and our goal has been to find out as much as we can about our outback history, to learn the stories of our past Aussie heroes and to visit the sites of yesteryear. Not the snippets from travel brochures and info pamphlets though, what we're after are real stories about real people.

We believe this country's foundation was built by some amazing people and we're keen to share the information we've learned about them and what we believe to be the real birth of the true-blue Aussie spirit.