Response to the Travel Guide has been amazing!  Feedback from those who have read it, as well as from locals along the track has been really positive; everyone is getting right behind it!  

It seems that information for the track (up until the release of the Cruisin' Oz Oodnadatta Track travel guide) had been limited, but we've certainly managed to fix that.

For those who have yet to grab a copy of the book or CD, just to recap, the Cruisin' Oz travel guide starts at Marree and follows the route of the Old Ghan railway through to Oodnadatta. 

There's information about Lake Eyre, the Dog Fence, the Old Ghan rail sidings, the original Telegraph Line that crossed the country as well as some inspiring stories of some of Australia's early explorers, including John MacDouall Stuart.

The guide also includes what there is to see along the way (complemented by some amazing colour photos), including Plane Henge, Coward Springs, the Strangways and Old Peake Telegraph Stations, the William Creek Hotel and the museum at Oodnadatta, just to name a few.  

Most importantly though, the guide has some remarkable stories about some early pioneers to the area; including those who forged a life for themselves out here as well as others whose attempts were to end in despair. There's the legend of the Old Ghan train robbery, as well as the more macabre account of the murders at Algebuckina.   Some of the stories will tug at your heart strings while others will leave you in awe.   

If you're going to head out that way, Cruisin' Oz reckons this is a great guide to have tucked away in the car!