Puncture Repair 101

Puncture Repair Kit

There's nothing worse than the prospect of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre, so in this edition of Tech Talk we're explaining how a little know how and a puncture repair kit can get you back to civilization.

We always talk about how important tyre pressures are and even the slightest miscalculation can leave you with more flats than a suburban apartment block. It's a great idea to always have a puncture repair kit on hand as you can only carry so many spares on a long trip.

This is a must have for us, and having one of these kits as a part of your gear can make all the difference.

The Process:

  1. Of course first you need to find the puncture. If you can't identify the puncture through listening, run some water over the tyre - that should produce bubbles that will make the air leak easier to see.
  2. If there's an item that's pierced through the tread, like a screw or nail, you need to remove it; a pair of pliers is always handy for that!
  3. Once the puncture's been identified and the obstruction removed, grab your reaming tool, and give the hole a bit of a clean out, just to make sure there's no debris. If your Puncture Repair Kit comes with some lube, you can whack some of that on the reaming tool as well, which will make it easier to push the tyre plug through.
  4. You next need to thread the tyre plug through the insertion tool, until it's about half way through. If your Puncture Repair Kit comes with some glue, dip the plug (still threaded through the insertion tool) into in glue. This helps in the sealing process.
  5. Push the tyre plug about two-thirds of the way through into the puncture. Rotate the insertion tool about half a turn (either left or right) and pull out the tool. The plug will stay in the tyre, hopefully sealing the puncture.
  6. Now you're right to pump some air pressure back into the tyre and check for leaks. If it's still leaking you may need to repeat the process with a second plug. If not, trim off excess plug back to tread and you're right to go.