The Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track CD Announced

Murder! Train Robbery! Sly Grog! And that's just talking about the Railways! This unique travelling guide follows part of the route of the iconic Oodnadatta Track, an area best recognised for its link with the original Old Ghan Railway, though it's not just the railway that makes this area so extraordinary, it's the stories of the people who lived and died here.

There are stories about the explorers who opened up the area as well as an insight into the lives of the navvies who built the Overland Telegraph and railway lines.  Learn about the people who set up business out here, like the hotelier Magnus Cheyne who was the first licensee at Coward Springs. Hear the inspirational story of Sir Sidney Kidman, one of Australia's true-blue legends, as well as the details of Donald Campbell's fastest land/speed record that was set out this way in 1964.

You can learn about the Old Ghan line; its history and about the buildings still standing. There's also the mystery of the unsolved train robbery; maybe you'll be lucky enough to spot the missing gold!

Death was ever present out here.  Rail accidents, plague, suicide, and yes, even murder.  You'll also find out about the more recent sombre death of Gabriele Grossmueller who died in 1998 from heat exhaustion and exposure while on a trip to Lake Eyre, a timely reminder of how unforgiving the Aussie outback can be!

You'll travel through the smallest town in South Australia (William Creek), and the largest cattle station in the world not to mention you'll be able to experience a very unique outdoor art gallery at Alberrie Creek.

Join us as we take you on a tour of this remarkable part of the country. Discover the forgotten stories of early Aussie explorers and pioneers and learn about the events that earned this country the reputation of being such an unforgiving land!